All ship owners want the number of days in a port kept to a minimum, therefore it is important that both the ship owners and cargo receivers or shippers have a reliable local agent with a large network of services who can help to ensure that time in port is as short as possible.

Ervik Shipping offers shipagency services 24/ 7 in the ports of Egersund, Sirevaag, Sandnes, Tananger, Stavanger, Tau, Rekefjord and Joessingfjord.

Our Services cover the fishing, fishmeal and fish oil industries, the stone and masonary industry, yard and project industries amongst others. Our focus as agent is to do our utmost to satisfy both the industry and the ship owners as well as official authorities, during the vessel’s stay in the respective ports.

We also tailor-make door to door deliveries, loading/ discharging of ships/ storage and deliveries. We are well equipped with the facilities to handle containers and palletized cargoes.

Several liner services operate from Egersund, with regular routes for loading and/or discharging and distribution of cargo along the Norwegian coast, ports within the Baltic, UK, as well as central transit ports on the continent. Most of the cargo is palletized roll-on/roll-off cargo and containers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a proforma disbursement account.

Ervik Shipping - Agency